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We are developing our world every day with modern technology and with this modern technology we are discovering covered venues. We are changing our daily life styles. We are improving our health and wealth. We are  changing our society, culture and communication systems every moments of our lifespan.
"We the people living in this world changing our everything"
Through internet and high technology we are now able to osmosis world information throughout countries and individual life.
We are here to submit a few of information's of world topmost inventions, discoveries ,daily needs and information's which will serve benefits to peoples of this planet "The world"

There are few weblinks for our daily needs
  Country Maps,   Flags ,   Currency ,   Bank Notes ,   International  Observance Days   
  International OrganizationsSports ,   Facts of Countries ,Independence Days  

Information's related to glossary of web terms
[glossary website terms  : 1. w3schools  2. techterms  3. netlingo]

[glossary web design terms] [glossary internet terms] [glossary web 2.0 terms]
[glossary of web hosting terms] [glossary of it terms] [dictionary web terms]
[glossary of domain name registration terms] [facebook talk dictionary] [wikipedia]
Very helpful weblinks for knowledge and solutions

Encyclopedia Britannica

Where You will find history or information's on every products or matter, of the world



A basket of  information's on every country, life, inventions, discovery , products or matter, etc. etc. of the world


Guinness World Records

An  information center where world records are kept in latest information base on every country, life, inventions, discovery , products or matter, etc. etc. of the world

Guinness Book

Airlines of world

A website where you will find information about airlines, aircrafts, airports, air routes and schedule of flights etc.etc

Public Holidays of the World

You will find public holidays of every country, provided by Wikipedia