There are thousands of Religions present in this world. There might be a list available in internet! But at present there are few major religion sustain to rule the peace of globe , society and human life. There are references of religions and their holy books where you will get details of their instruction, policy, technique to maintain peace in life (Note: Here all described from reference and reference link)
Christian "Love your enemies. Praise those who curse you. Do the good what they hate you. Pray for who pursues you!"

01. Biblos - Bible in dozens of languages, with Atlas, Dictionary, Encyclopedia, Bible Reviews and more
02. Bible Gateway – A searchable online Bible in over 100 versions
03. Online Bible – Version King James
04. Latin Vulgate Bible – Douay Bible
05. The New Testament in Hebrew
06. Bible North America – Downloads, Discussion Forum and more
07. The Book of Mormon
Islam "Al-Qur'an the only unique and universal holy book for Muslims (the adherents of ISLAM) to rule the globe, society and them self."   This is a website where you will know technology to live in peace.

01. The Holy Qur'an
02. Qur'an Transliteration
03. The Qur'an – Free download
Budduh "Never in the world, hatred ends with hatred, of the which ends with the hatred is love."

01. Tipitaka – The Teachings of the Buddha
02. Mahabharata – Book 1, Adi Parva
03. Tipitaka – With several versions
Hindu "When you feel that you are one eith God, you feel one with all thing."

01. Rig Veda – Download here. Need te register
02. Bhagavad Gita
Jews "Loving your neighbor as youself."

01. The Tanak
02. Torah and Neviim
03. Torah & Nevi'im – Pentateuch & Prophets
04. Holy Tanakah – Free Download
05. Yu Torah Online – A Project of Yeshiva University Center of the Jewish Future
06. Talmud – The Babylonian version
07. The Zohar – Text in English and Aramaic
08. The Zohar – Text in Hebrew
Confucians "The man who moves mountains starts carrying small stones."

01. The Confucianism is one of the few religions of humanity that has no Holy Books, but has a set of rules that form a moral philosophy of profound impact on social structure and the everyday Eastern society, especially the Chinese.