This is time when we should think of our future in two way. 1. how we will develop our easy life and friendly environment. 2. How we will keep hold our development from the destruction of calamity or climate.

Research is going on and it will remain on future development.

My thinking is on how to keep hold developments and refrain from climatic destruction.

This versatile civilization and development all are dependent on energy, (fuel, fossil, solar and thermal energy) 

My concept we will loose all energy or will be costly to effort except thermal energy in a long run.

Therefore we will have to concentrate on thermal energy. It is always available either in day or in night. if not available in some season but always available in human and animal body .

Every, energy residual output is heat or thermal output.

If everything is convertible to power or mass , then we will have to find out the materials which will intake  heat and stores and then distributes energy as per capacity of that materials like storage battery of now a days.

I am thinking like a foolish!! But think , you do not have, fuel, fossil or solar but heat is always around you or even in your body.

I was thinking if scientists could bring whole world into a palmtop with a consumption of minimum energy then why they will not be able to innovate instruments which will be maintained by "body temperature energy" this term is my invention or imagination.

What is body temperature energy ? It is very simple , we will manufacture a tiny instrument which will  get energy from blood circulation in the human body or animal and will develop energy to run mobile phone, palm top etc. etc.

With the combination of those mini computers we can make  largest server like honey comb theory. As I am not a theoretical or practical scientist I can not explain theories but my imaginations says scientist can catch my ideas and can go for my imagination to develop future innovations with free BODY TEMPERATURE ENERGY to rule the universe almost at no cost of energy.

I have lot of imagination about the energy but I do not know the proper authority to whom I can submit the matter . If any reader know the authority they are humbly requested to submit this matter to proper authority, if you feel this is not fun .

My name is Arif Ahammad Khondker, cell phone No. 88-01715275076, 88-01913031309 call me if I could serve Universal development

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